Unique Arduino Lamp as a Retirement Gift :: Featured Student Project

Unique Arduino Lamp :: Featured Student Project

Creativity is great, but even better is having the skill to express that creativity in a useful and fun way.  This unique Arduino lamp was created by James [ A student of the Arduino Course for Absolute Beginners] as a retirement gift for a fellow employ of a power plant.

James Writes:

“I was recently approached by a co-worker to create a unique retirement gift.  They had some obsolete electronic modules, the idea was to make it function as a desk lamp.

The electronic module had 4 push buttons marked ” up, down, manual and auto”.  A potentiometer and meter.  I decided that when in the manual mode the up and down would simply turn the light on and off.

While in the auto mode, the lamp would turn on and off  by using a  photo-resistor and display its value via the meter and be trimmed by the potentiometer.

A pulsating blue glow below some plexiglass tubes would simulate a nuclear pile.”

James was kind enough to provide all the code and schematic for his project (source files for the schematic to follow soon).

Arduino Lamp Code:

 Arduino Lamp Schematic:

Click here to Download

How to Assemble the DFRobot Pirate 4WD Mobile Platform

This video walk through assembling the popular DFRobot Pirate.  It focuses mostly on what the instruction manual leaves out, which I hope will save you some time!

You can get the instruction manual at the link here.

Here is the code that I used to get all motors moving in the same direction:


DFRobot Pirate 4WD Mobile Platform Reveiw for Arduino

If you want to build a mobile robot and not spend all your time designing and creating the locomotion portion of the robot, then the DFRobot Pirate mobile platform maybe one route to take.

This video is a brief review of the platform.

Facebook Contest

It’s about time I ran a contest.  I figured the best way to start would be to have glamorous  prizes.

Check out the rules below – and make sure to enter your Arduino prototype!

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The MOST guaranteed way to NOT buy a Fake Arduino (The Story of Pizza-Duino)

Let’s not be duped by people trying to sell us authentic Arduino’s that are counterfeit.  This video will show you the one way to be sure you get the real deal, and five methods of telling if you bought a counterfeit or not.

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