DCF77 Analyzer Clock

DCF77 Project 027

There is awesome and then there is 10 times awesome which is Erik de Ruiter’s DCF77 Analyzer Clock project.

WOW! – is all I can say. (Well, I could say some other things but I try to keep this site clean!)

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OSHGroup #046 : DrDuino – A Test Rig for Building and Prototyping with Arduino and Arduino Shields


This weeks show is an interview with Guido of Innovative Electronic Solutions  who is Kickstarting DrDuino – a very handy tool if you make things with Arduino.  Listen to the show and let me know what you think!

Show Notes:

Check out the Kickstarter Campaign

OSHGroup #045 : Orbis – Interactive Arduino Based Art-Work

This show is an interview with Orbis creator Guido, of Innovative Electronic Solutions.  If you like Arduino, 3D printing, Design and/or have any interest in art, then you will find this project fascinating.

Show Notes:

Check out some more pictures of Orbis here: http://innovativeengineeringservices.com/orbis_kinetic_sculpture