OSHGroup 022: Big Ideas in littleBits


Do you love to play?  Do you love to learn?  Are they one in the same to you?

For me learning works best when it is fun.   I am not much of a “sit and watch a lecture to learn” kind of fellow – though most of my formal education has been delivered such.

When I get quick feedback, when I build or discover what it is I seek to know, I usually have a better go at actually understanding something.

littleBits electronic modules are well suited for this type of learning.

littleBits the company, makes a library of Open Source Hardware electronic modules for prototyping, learning and having fun.  I had the pleasure of wrenching Paul Rothman, an electronics designer for littleBits, from his work and talking about the company and Open Source Hardware.

What I discovered from Paul felt spot on to something I have always thought but could never verbalize so well…

“…there are a lot of lessons to be learned from playing…”

This idea of play to learn appears foundational to the whole idea of littleBits.

I hope you enjoy the interview.


Did I mention littleBits has been Open Source Hardware from the start (founded by Ayah Bdeir who was instrumental in realizing the Open Hardware definition, and co-founder of the Open Hardware Summit).


I am minutes from buying the starter kit – I will let you know how they go.


  • Andres

    Thank you very much for spreading Open Source all over the world! Greetings from Argentina

    • Michael James

      Thanks Andres! It is my pleasure. Let me know if there is someone or a specific project you would like to hear from and I will try to reach out to them.