OSHGroup 019: How to make Outer Space an Open Place

Want to go to outer space? Think a group of enthusiasts could get there…with Open Source Hardware?

Mach30 proposes this bold idea. To design, test and build some of the most complex machines on the planet – machines that will be trusted to safely transfer humans into an extremely volatile environment. A difficult task even for well funded organizations such as NASA.

This difficulty touches a criticism of Open Source Hardware – how complex of a physical system can a locationally separated, resource lean, group of intelligent people create? Is there a point at which the complexity of a machine becomes so great that contributions from many won’t mesh together to create a coherent and efficient end product?

The organizers of Mach30 are well aware of these criticisms. In response they are standing up a knowledge infrastructure, a so called “Open Design Engine” or ODE for short. A web based tool for project management, documentation and collaboration that they are using to design the future of human space flight.

Listen to the show to learn what Mach30 is working towards and how you might benefit from their freshly out of the box ODE.

Check out the Open Design Engine.

Check out Openeering.

Contact the Mach30 team directly:

Mach30 President:  J Simmons –  jrs at

Mach30 Vice Presient: Greg Moran –  gmm at

And Finally: My apologies to not getting this interview out sooner, Mach30 had a Kickstarter campaign running – which was funded – congrats to them. Anyway, you will hear reference to it, but as I mentioned, it has passed.